Woodcarving is great therapy

Occupational Therapists have recommended woodcarving to some of their patients to assist in their rehabilitation.  Students referred by an occupational therapist have found woodcarving very helpful, soothing and relaxing, assisting their general health and well being and have continued to carve on a long term basis.


Woodcarving is very gentle….Your patients will develop new skills

The therapeutic benefits of woodcarving are well known and if you’d like to refer your Occupational Therapy patients, you can expect great outcomes.

Learning to woodcarve at our academy is ultra-relaxing. At the same time, students will develop their motor skills, self-confidence and self-esteem.

SA Woodcarving Academy offers a very pastoral, caring service in tutoring students, especially those with Therapy requirements.

Please see our class fees and session times or come along to a complimentary demonstration morning or evening to learn more.

Classes are flexible and your patients can enrol for as short or as long as they like! Anyone can learn the skills and there is no rush. Right from the first lesson, your patient will learn skills that will inspire new self-confidence and pleasure.

SA Woodcarving invites you to refer your patient to join one of our flexible weekly class times now.
It’s a very relaxed, easygoing environment and non-pushy… Your patient can move ahead at a pace to suit his/her own style.



sawa-michael-occupational-therapyMichael came to SA Woodcarving after a serious car accident approximately 10 years ago, which left him unable to work.  Woodcarving was recommended for relaxation and therapy to aid in his recovery.  Michael loved it from Day 1.  He says it saved his sanity and has a great humour which endears him to the other students.

Michael now assists with instruction and comes with a wealth of knowledge from the building trade.  He is well used to giving instructions as he was a sergeant-major with the British Army previously.