What we are all about

SA Woodcarving Academy was established in 1986 by Adelaide’s most passionate and dedicated woodcarver Ken Vear who has approximately 50 years experience.

Classes are held in a very pleasant relaxing environment and help is available so students can achieve optimal results.  New students commence with a beginners board which teaches them the basics of woodcarving and over the first sessions of 4  weeks duration they make a trivet to take home.

Even if you have never done any carving before you will enjoy learning a new skill, meet new people and achieve a strong sense of accomplishment when you make something completely unique

On completion of the trivet they take on a project of their choosing.  Some students make rocking horses, others may choose to do something less ambitious such as a photo frame, spice rack, or wooden animals.  Once you have completed the beginners board the sky is the limit, and it is only the limit of your imagination.  Anything is achievable.  Inspiration can be found by talking to other students and seeing what they have done.  Also books and information are readily available to get ideas.

Our bright, well-lit air-conditioned studio is just minutes from the city, at St Peters. Class sizes are limited to 12 students, which guarantees plenty of personal instruction, in a friendly environment

Classes are held continuously throughout the year, so you can start whenever it suits you.  All tools, wood and machinery are provided.  All you need to bring is your enthusiasm.

About Ken

Ken has approximately 50 years experience and loves to share his knowledge.  He was the last woodcarving apprentice trained in Adelaide, South Australia learning his skills at Norman Turner and Nottage where he worked when he finished his schooling.

Ken came to Australia as a young lad and originally comes from Yorkshire in England.  He feels it is important to continue teaching his skills to others to stop this art disappearing.

Coat of Arms in progress

Ken has undertaken many projects and commission work over the years including sculptures and alter furniture for churches including Adelaide Cathedral, as well as sculptures, coats of arms, honour rolls for local and interstate councils. He has also made patterns for various projects.

Ken’s work can be seen around the city. He made the patterns for ornamental lampposts in Hindley Street, fountains in Daylesford and Bendigo  in Victoria, and a wall mural in Hahndorf.  He is currently working on a coat of arms for the Clipper Ship The City of Adelaide which recently returned from Scotland to be restored.

With his many years of experience and knowledge he is always willing to assist and provide solutions to any problems students may encounter.