Commission Work

South Australian Woodcarvers Academy, run under the able leadership of Ken Vear, is a place for you to hone your woodcarving skills, cultivate woodcarving as a hobby or use it as a therapeutic intervention. Ken has a rich experience of over 40 years carving unique hand-carved wooden artifacts for individuals as well as many churches.

SAWA undertakes professional woodcarving and accepts commissions. If you want restoration work done in an old church, or want a specific design carved for your home furniture, or want something a s basic as a hand-crafted wooden trophy for your next club tournament, SAWA can do it all for you!

The cost for your woodcarving can vary depending upon how intricate you want the design to be, its size, detailing, type of wood used etc.

View here some of our commissioned work and give Ken a call to discuss your next woodcarving project. The quote can be provided once the composition, size and specifications of the carving have been discussed.